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Should fully understand the power consumption of small household electrical appliances may be the power consumption king
4-12-2012 Views :[2147]

    One hour of electricity consumption to a refrigerator for how long? The answer is: 4 days. Perhaps, this difference is due to power changes, but some small appliances to energy-hungry is an indisputable fact. Recently, the fog, PM2.5 such information from time to time there will be people's attention, which makes people more aware of the importance of environmental protection. Its small appliances energy efficiency labeling is not clear

    Under normal circumstances, we went to the appliance store to buy a large home appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioning, in addition to see the price, will look at energy-efficiency labeling. First, because the energy-efficient products are often counter-offer space. Secondly, the energy-efficiency labeling can be very intuitive to inform the power consumption of this product, by the way can also calculate the month may have to pay for how much electricity.

    The above-mentioned energy-efficiency labeling is attached to the energy-consuming products or Minimum packaging, indicating that the product energy efficiency rating and performance indicators such as a label. However, the reporter visited the home appliance store only to find many kinds of small appliances, small appliances category of energy efficiency indicators not more than 10 categories. Including,,,, including other lifestyle appliances, and even no clear energy efficiency labeling requirements.

    And home appliances store staff told reporters, usually to buy small appliances consumers are merely concerned about their features and prices, energy consumption, basically little attention.

    Small appliances will be big energy-consuming

    Usually in people's minds, only the air conditioning so large is the energy-hungry, not knowing, we often use small appliances, will play the role of the "electric tiger".

    To see the home appliance power consumption, the math to know. Refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioning and color TV these large home appliances, open all day power-hungry refrigerators, an energy consumption of about 200 liters double door refrigerator, a day consume half a degree. Look at the description of in accordance with the use of home appliances, an air conditioning an hour at most, but also a unit of electricity, ordinary family use every day the air conditioning is generally not more than six hours.

    Suning Appliance, a staff, currently on the market, generally a few hundred watts of power, electric stove, power can reach twelve kilowatts, or even higher. A power of 2000 watts induction cooker for a meal, an hour, and day for 6 kWh of electricity in the cooker and eat meal pot of electricity more than four days to let the refrigerator.

    One with heating and cooling functions of the water dispenser and an energy efficiency compared to the former day may need a degree of power, while the latter is 0.4 to 0.5 kWh. Clearly, the traditional concept of consumers is wrong. As everyone knows, induction cooker, rice cookers and other weekdays seemingly insignificant small home appliances home consumption King. "

    Should be aware of the power consumption before buying

    Industry have suggested that consumers purchase small household electrical appliances, in addition to the pricing and features, but also to understand the energy consumption. If energy consumption label products can look at, if not, then to the sales staff to consult, and then consider buying.

    Today, energy saving and environmental protection has become a mainstream trend in home appliances, which will promote the rapid development of the green line in the appliance industry. Time, induction cooker and other small household electrical appliances will be affixed to energy efficiency labeling, have energy efficiency labeling, consumers can choose more energy efficient, more environmentally friendly, small household appliances.

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